Hyacinth Technology, Inc. was established in 1993 with the goal of providing high voltage products for a wide variety of applications with quality, value, expertise and support that would significantly raise the benchmark in the industry.

Today, with thousands of our products proven in the field, and with more new products being designed into cutting-edge applications, we remain steadfast in upholding our original goal of setting new standards for ourselves and for the industry.



Hyacinth Technology, Inc. focuses on creating custom products with outstanding value. We achieve this by precisely tailoring performance for each application, optimizing cost relative to performance, and providing excellent product support.

Beyond the usual input and output specifications for power converters and/or amplifiers, we carefully address each individual application’s set of unique design considerations. This involves identifying and matching high voltage product parameters to the performance and cost goals of the end application. This assures that our products are neither over-designed nor under-designed. The following are some examples of design parameters that are routinely considered in the design of our products:

  • Static and dynamic characteristics
  • Input and output noise characteristics
  • Fault and overload characteristics
  • Signal and power ground considerations
  • Power input and load interactions
  • EMI radiation and susceptibility
  • Operating environment
  • Package size and form
  • Controls and monitors

The renowned performance, reliability, and value of our products, as well as our unrivaled support, have proven to be important to the success of our customer’s products. With the help of our expertise, they have been able to focus less on high voltage issues and more on the aspects of their products that enhance their advantages.