Hyacinth Technology, Inc. offers a wide array of high voltage capacitor chargers for repetitive pulse applications. Unlike some other products you may find in the market that are modified fixed DC output devices, our capacitor charger power supplies are designed as capacitor chargers from the ground up. They feature low stored energy, low overshoot, as well as other design features that translate to reliable, consistent performance. Contact the factory with details of your application.


Output voltage range:    up to 30kV
Output power range:    up to 1000J/s, per output
Operation mode:        voltage or current

Input power options:

  • SELV DC input:    12VDC, 15VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC, or custom
  • Mains level DC input: 300VDC to 385VDC, regulated 380VDC, or custom
  • AC input: 110VAC/220VAC (optional power factor correction (PFC)), or 85VAC to 265VAC universal PFC,
    50Hz/60Hz, single phase.

Control options:

  • Voltage control: fixed, potentiometer control, voltage programmable, or custom
  • Logic controls:    enable/disable, safety interlock, or custom

Available features and options:

  • Auxiliary outputs
  • Floating outputs
  • Optional trigger transformer and driver
  • Differential voltage programming inputs
  • Opto-isolated programming and logic
  • Voltage and current monitors
  • Active over-voltage protection


Standard Series Capacitor Charger Products

HTPL Series Capacitor Chargers

  • power outputs to 550J/s
  • output voltage to +/-2kV
  • power factor corrected AC input, 110VAC/220VAC or 90VAC to 265VAC
  • HTPL Datasheet







HTTH Series Capacitor Chargers

  • power outputs to 80J/s
  • output voltage to +/-20kV
  • 12VDC or 24VDC nominal inputvoltage
  • HTTH Datasheet